Machine has Blocked state in the control panel

Machine has "Blocked" state in the control panel


A machine has "Blocked" status in the Machines Groups section of the ACP.


  1. A machine becomes "Blocked", if it's used to start a CloudSite. This is primarily true for VMware target clouds.
The "Blocked" state will remain as long as the corresponding CS is running. Upon deleting the CS, this status will be removed, and the machine will become available for further actions. Such retention is needed to avoid starting 2 cloudsites with the same machine or starting a CS while replication is in progress. Failbacks and failover downloads, however, are still possible, but only a single instance at a time.
  1. A machine becomes "Blocked" when it's set to be deleted.
This is vital to ensure that no recovery or replication procedures will be initiated during the machine's removal.

Please note these consequential effects:
  1. Machines in "Blocked" state cannot be moved to scheduled state.
  2. Machines in "Blocked" state cannot be used to create CloudSites.
  3. Machines in "Blocked" state will not be replicated according to the set schedule.
  4. Backup cannot be created for Machines in a "Blocked" state.