How to change network settings of Replication Agent in VMware

How to change network settings of a Replication Agent in VMware


Hystax VMware Replication Agent (HVRAgent) is deployed as a virtual machine to a source ESXi host. It uses DHCP for its single NIC by default. 
However, these default settings might not work in case the source VMware infrastructure doesn't have DHCP or requires complex networking settings (e.g. VLANs, multiple networks, custom routes, etc.).


HVRAgent network settings can be updated using the agent VM console.


Open HVRAgent VM console
Hystax VMware Replication Agent VM console

Go to agent CLI by choosing <To console> button
agent CLI

Network settings can be altered by editing the /run/network/interfaces file.

To assign a static IP to the replication agent, for example, refer to the following screenshot.

Reboot the agent VM to apply changed network settings.

Check current agent VM network settings using /run/network/current_settings file

Current agent VM network settings