How to download and install VMware replication agent (HVRAgent)

How to download and install VMware replication agent (HVRAgent)


Download and install VMware replication agent (HVRAgent)


VMware Agent requirements

Hystax VMware Replication Agent requires the following user permissions in vSphere (Role “VMware Consolidated Backup user” in vCenter):
  1. Virtual machine > Configuration > Disc Lease
  2. Virtual machine > Provisioning > Allow read-only disk access
  3. Virtual machine > Provisioning > Allow virtual machine files upload
  4. Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Create snapshot
  5. Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Remove Snapshot                                                                                                                                                             
Permission to access CBT is necessary for the correct performance of the application. To enable CBT:
  1. Virtual machine > Configuration > Disc change tracking
Additionally, it is recommended to include the following global permissions:
  1. Global > Disable methods
  2. Global > Enable methods
  3. Global > Licenses     
In case of using vCloud, vCenter user requires one extra permission to operate: Profile-driven storage > Profile-driven storage view

Ports for the correct performance of the agent:
  1. DR host - tcp/80, tcp/443
  2. vSphere host - tcp/443
  3. ESXi host(s) - tcp/udp/902
  4. Receive logs from the Acura cluster - udp/12201

Download and install the agent

Click on the "Download agents" button to the left.  

Choose a customer, click "Next".

Select an agent type and click "Next".

Select the machine group, where the machine should appear. Choose a protected VMware vSphere or create a new VMware vSphere. Click "Next".

For a new VMware vSphere you need to fill in the following fields:

  • In the value "Platform name" enter the name, it can be any.

  • In the value "Endpoint" enter the target ESXi IP.

  • In the value "Login" enter the login.

  • In the value "Password" enter a password.

To get the agent, click on the “Download Agent” button.

- Deploy it on each ESXi host in your VMware cluster that you want to protect.

- Select "Create/Register VM".

- Select "Deploy a virtual machine", click Next.

- Enter a name for the machine, it can be any. Select the dowloaded OVA file, click Next.

- Follow the wizard on the ESXi.