How to clean up resources in the target cloud after a successful migration

How to clean up resources in the target cloud after a successful migration


Clean up all resources in the cloud after a migration.


To clean up all resources in the cloud, please perform the following steps:
1. Check that the failover machine works fine and detach the Cloud Site in Hystax Acura UI, by clicking on the "Detach" button. 

2. If your storage doesn't support removing of disks and snapshots which have heirs, then untie disks and snapshots at the storage level. For example, if Ceph is used as a backend storage for Cinder, you need to flatten snapshots and volumes in the target cloud as follows.

Flatten Ceph RBD volume created from a snapshot in OpenStack Cinder.

After creating a volume from a snapshot, there is usually a problem with the inability to delete the snapshot, since the volume refers to it. To solve this problem, it is necessary to perform the operation of flattening the volume from a snapshot in Ceph.

(Since there is no such API in the Cinder driver, despite the fact that flattening is called in some cases)

Inbox data:

volume_id - volume ID in OpenStack 

pool_name - the Ceph pool name, in which the volume is located.

The command to untie (run on a machine that has access to the Ceph command-line API):

# rbd flatten <pool_name>/volume-<volume_id>


# rbd flatten -p <pool_name> volume-<volume_id>


# rbd flatten controller-volumes/volume-95e7e2ba-9d4a-47d4-aba9-


Refer to the appropriate storage documentation for other storage types.

3. Delete migrated devices from the Hystax Acura UI. Click on the "..." button next to the corresponding machine and select the "Delete Machine" button.

4. Delete the cloud. Click on the "Manage Cloud" button on the Partner page, then click on the "Delete" button next to the corresponding cloud which you want to remove. 


5. Delete cloud agent machines.