How to configure custom replication agent settings when adding a new customer in the ACP

How to configure custom replication agent settings when adding a new customer in the ACP


When a replication agent is downloaded from the ACP, it is injected with the current network information vital for connecting to the Acura instance and discovering machines for the given customer.  Depending on the actual layout, Acura may be located behind a proxy server or may have a different endpoint IP for each customer. This will require additional configuration, and applying custom settings for the replication agents will be essential for organizing an operational environment.


Providing custom replication agent settings is available for every new customer that is being added to the ACP. Tick the checkbox next to Use custom replication agent settings to access the following fields.

Agent settings can no longer be modified through the UI, once a Customer has been successfully created.

Replication agent endpoint IP is an IPv4 address that will be used by this customer's replication agents to connect, send data and RestAPI calls to Acura.
Replication agent endpoint certificate is required in case of a proxy server in-between the components to verify security of an HTTPS connection. Input as an SSL certificate in PEM format for the replication endpoint IP (proxy server).
Replication agent logging IP is  a custom IPv4 address for sending logs. Replication Agents that are downloaded for the customer will use this IP as Logstash IP. The field will usually contain the same address as the  Replication agent endpoint IP .

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