How to create a new customer in Hystax Acura

How to create a new customer in Hystax Acura


Create a new customer in Hystax Acura.


Each created customer may have their own tenant, specified as a target project. Please note, Hystax_CATI image must be public, so Hystax Cloud Agent can be created from this image in any target project.

Please use the instructions below to create a customer with a separate tenant:

 • Click the "Add" button in the lower part of "Customers" section. A modal dialog "Add Customer" will appear.

 • Enter a customer name and a contact email as those are mandatory parameters.

 • Fill in the "Target project ID" with the created project ID from the target cloud.

 • In the field "Additional parameters" enable floating IPs for the Cloud Agent instances in target projects if they don’t have direct access to the Hystax Acura controller using the json line {“use_ca_floating_ip": true}. Click on the "Save" button.