How to download and install Linux Replication Agent (HLRAgent)

How to download and install Linux Replication Agent (HLRAgent)


Download Linux Replication Agent (HLRAgent)


Requirements for the correct performance of the Linux replication agent:

  1. Memory: 500 MB RAM
  2. Disk space: 100 mb required for product installation and not less than 15% free space of the disk size for a VSS snapshots creation
Downloading and installing the agent

Take the following steps to download the replication agent for Linux:


1. Click on the "Replicate" button on the main page.

2. Choose a customer and click "Next".

3. Choose the replication agent for Linux and click "Next".

4. Choose a machine group that will contain the machine. Select the target Linux distribution, CentOS\RHEL is used as example on the screenshot below and click "Next".

5. To get the agent, click on the “Download Agent” button or make the first step from the instruction below, then follow with the steps two and three.