How to install a custom smtp in order to send notifications from Hystax Acura

How to install a custom smtp in order to send notifications from Hystax Acura


Install a custom smtp in order to send Hystax Acura notifications from a separate address.


You can configure custom smtp settings by following these steps:

1. Create a new hx_smtp file (<current directory>/hx_smtp) with settings using the following arguments: 
server - smtp server address,
port - smtp server port,
email - email address to send from,
password - user email’s password.

2. Execute the command hx_set_smtp_server in order to apply the new smtp settings. This command must be executed directly from file location hx_smtp.
3. In order to get the smtp config settings, execute the get command hx_get_smtp_server.
The user’s smtp settings will be returned with an encrypted password, all other data like “server“, “port“, and “email“ will be returned as they were written in the hx_smtp file.

In order to test user credentials, start a replication process and then park the device to generate an event which will send an email.
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