Restore backed up machines to any hypervisor

How to restore a replicated machine to any hypervisor


Restore a replicated machine to any hypervisor.


1. Each machine has a drop-down "Actions" menu at the right hand side of the screen. Click the corresponding "..." button across the machine that you want to download a snapshot for, then select “Download machine image”.

Download machine image

2. Choose the date of an existing snapshot in the calendar and the actual time the snapshot was created in the drop-down list, set the link's expiration time.

The date of snapshot creation

The date of snapshot creation

3. Click on the “Generate link” button. The expiration time will start after the last call of the link.

4. You will see this picture:

5. You may close the window and proceed. When the link is generated, a special icon will appear near the machine's name. Get the link by clicking on this icon:

Special icon

Or you may wait until the link appears at the bottom of the window. Click on it to download a drive.raw file

Download drive.raw

Images are downloaded in the .raw format and can be converted for any hypervisor, if necessary, and then imported to the original location.

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