How to specify additional available parameters for creating a new customer

How to specify additional available parameters for creating a new customer


Specify additional available parameters for creating a new customer.


If you need to set certain additional parameters when creating a new customer, please refer to the list below.

option to use a floating IP for Cloud Agents

Cloud Agent flavor requirements like disk size (Gb), CPU, RAM
{"hdd": "20", "cpu": "1", "ram": "2"}

indicate the name of the Cloud Agent flavor to run with

used if any custom Cloud Agent image is required

indicate a type of the Cloud Agent volume to be used in the target cloud

network name to be used for Cloud Agents

name or ID of a security group to be used for failover machines
"default" or "a19d5278-fc04-4c5c-a8fb-ddc987dacbe4"

name of an availability zone to be used for failover machines
indicate a type of volume that the failover machine will be created with 
name of a security group to be used for creating a Cloud Agent with


Please note that parameters are specified in json format, e.g. {“use_ca_floating_ip”: true}

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