How to specify Volume availability zone and Volume type before replicating a machine

How to specify Volume availability zone and Volume type when replicating a machine


Replication settings for machine's volumes require specific parameters.  


Before the first replication is initiated, two additional parameters can be specified for each machine: Volume availability zone and Volume type.

Click on " ..." to the right of the machine's name in ACP to open up the Actions drop-down menu and select "Edit replication settings".

  1. Selecting a Volume availability zone will explicitly determine the desired physical location of a data center for the given volume. Type in a valid abbreviation or acronym that is in use by the cloud platform itself, usually listed in its supporting documentation or at the volume creation step, e.g. eu_west.
  1. Volume type can be specified as a comma-separated string of disk types, e.g. "SSD, SATA". Redundant commas and whitespaces are ignored. If a machine has more disks than the number of specified disk types, the last disk type will be used for all of the remaining disks. This way, if a machine has 5 volumes, the first replicated volume will be assigned with “SSD“ type, and the remaining ones will be “SATA“. HDD will be used by default if no other settings are provided. Check with your cloud platform to input the correct names of volume types.

After the initial replication is completed, the additional parameters will become inaccessible. Modifying them is only possible before a new full replication. Thus,  you will need to delete all previous restore points for the machine if you would like to change the volume settings.