Repman process exits indicating a status code in logs

Repman process exits unexpectedly indicating a status code in logs


Repman process, as a part of the internal agent service, fails and exits with a certain status code.


After installing an internal agent on your VM, there should be 2 new services running in the background: repman and hlragent/hwragent (in Linux or Windows, respectively).
Sometimes, repman process can exit unexpectedly and without user's provision. In that case, lincbt will generate a similar record in the logs:

Repman process exited: status(1), signal(0)

If you need more information on what goes wrong with the process and its follow-up, repman can be started separately from the hlragent service in Linux using:

or from the hwragent service in Windows using:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hystax\hwragent\Repman_x64.exe

There is a different status code (2) in the instances where repman.conf is broken or invalid.

Please submit a new support request and attach agent log files if the problem remains.